A bounty was put out for me to make this song to welcome William Shatner into the Ethereum community. Captain Kirk himself retweeted it:

Subsequently, I put out a bounty to commission an illustration for the song.

ShatnerHODL illustration 2.png

This illustration is now part of my NFT project, songaday.world.

For the last year, ever since I first learned about CryptoPunks, I’ve been working on an NFT project that turns each of my 3500+ Song A Day songs into a one-of-a-kind crypto collectible.

At Devcon this year, I released my first collectible: The B-U-I-D-L song. It sold for 2.2 eth! That was exciting.

Song A Day World is launching in a few months (on or near Jan. 1st, when I hit 10 years of Song A Day) via Pixura’s new API. The basic idea will be familiar to anyone who’s played around with CryptoPunks: I’ve listed out each song’s attributes and tags, and they’ll serve as a guide to figuring out which songs are more rare than others. You can buy and sell the songs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Visually, Song A Day World is made up of illustrations.

Every illustration is completely unique. They are made up of 6 attributes: Time, Location, Mood, Topic, Instrument and Beard. These visual attributes correspond to the attributes of the song itself.

Each year of Song A Day will have these attributes rendered in a wide variety of styles by different illustrators.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love Star Trek. It’s always been integral to my life. To wit, the illustration for the topic “Nerdy” in this NFT project is me dressed as Spock:

Topic: Nerd

Topic: Nerd

Though I am about to complete my 10th year of writing a song every day, Song A Day World is going to launch with only year one available for collecting. Any money I raise from the sale of these initial Song A Day Collectibles will go straight into the further development of the site.

Screenshot 2018-10-26 14.38.33.png

Want to get access before we launch to the public? I’ll email you when we have something to show.

#ShatnerHODL FTW