Write more songs. Break through blocks. A song a day is within reach!


Real talk:

70% of everything you make is going to be mediocre.

20% is going to suck.

But 10% of everything you make will be awesome.

70 20 10.png

The more songs you make, the more good songs you will make.

The trick is to get comfortable with the fact that sometimes you are going to suck. You just have to sit down and suck sometimes, and be OK with that.  Of course, you don't need anyone's help to take this advice - you could start your own song a day project right now. In fact, I think you should!


But, if you do need help, that's what I'm offering. I've been writing a song a day for the last 10 years and I've learned some things. I'm happy to share them with you.

Here's some videos I made in 2011!

The cost

1 Hour With Jonathan

In an hour long mentoring session, we can talk about anything you need. We can assess where you’re at, identify roadblocks and come up with a concrete plan to start you down a path of writing more songs. You can share with me some of your work for feedback. I’ll give you tips for keeping a song a day project going even when you feel like it’s impossible.

Week Long Song A Day Boot Camp

First we’ll have an half-hour long phone call so you can give me a sense of where you’re at with this whole songwriting thing. Then, each day for a week, I’ll send you a prompt and some constraints to get the juices flowing. At the end of the week, we’ll have an hour long call where we’ll debrief and discuss next steps - how you can take what you’ve learned and keep the Song A Day going.


Jonathan Mann has allowed me to reach my true potential as a songwriter except I’m not a songwriter but he is good though.
— Comedian (and songwriter!) James Veitch

Let's do this!

Payment is via Venmo, SquareCash, Apple Pay or Paypal. To get started, just click the button below to shoot me a quick email or email me directly: jonathan (at)