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In the spirit of cool projects like #inktober, NaNoRiMo, FAWM, and Fun A Day, #Jamuary is an invitation to create and share a song every day in the month of January. I’m your host, @songadaymann.

RULES + Guidelines

  1. Write a song of any length.

  2. Share it.

  3. If you share online, use the hashtag #Jamuary.

  4. Do this every day.

  5. HAVE FUN!

Please make the daily song process as easy as possible for yourself!

For instance, for some people, writing at the same time every day makes it easier. I’m the opposite, though: If I put this extra rule on myself, it would make my life much harder. So this is the 6th rule of #Jamuary:

6. Try to only do things that make it easier to create your daily song.



About your host

On January 1st of 2009 I started to write and share a song every day. It was only supposed to be for 31 days. Oops. Now it’s 10 years later and I’m still doing it. I was in the 2016 Guinness Book of World Records:


10 years into this project, Song A Day has become the backbone of my creative life. It’s rooted in this philosophy called 70-20-10:

70 20 10.png

70 percent of everything you make will be mediocre, 20 percent will suck and (that’s totally ok because) 10 percent will be awesome. The more songs you write, the more good songs you’ll write.

Every year, I go back through the previous 365 songs and listen to them with fresh ears, picking out the songs, the melodies, the words - all the things that stick out as belonging in that 10 percent category. Then I work those pieces into something new.

This way of creating is not for everyone, but everyone will get something from trying it out for a month.

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