It’s my Harry Potter album.

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The story

I’ve been writing a song a day since January 1st of 2009 (I hold the Guinness Record).

Back in 2014, I decided to collect a few of my (many!) Harry Potter related songs into a short album. I mounted a Kickstarter and gathered together some talented friends to breathe new life into the old songs. I’m super proud of the results! You can stream the album on your service of choice (buying it on Bandcamp is the best for me, financially!), and you can preview the tracks below. Also, if you scroll down, you can look at/listen to all the rewards I made for my Kickstarter backers.

(Hi, Binge Mode nerds! You can download the anthem for free, right here!)


The Songs

Track 1: It Sucks To Be A Squib

This song is from a squib’s point of view. “Abilities are nothing, it’s the choices that we make.”

Track 2: Muggles

This song is from the perspective of a low level worker in the Ministry of Magic. I imagine him as Bruce Willis, for some reason. He spends his days keeping muggles from killing themselves with accidentally discovered magical items.

Track 3: Lily’s Eyes

This is my favorite song on the record. It simply tells Snape’s story.

Track 4: It Could Have Been Neville

This is the oldest song on the record. I wrote it way back in 2010. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that, but for that simple twist of fate, it could have been Neville. In some alternate universe, it probably was Neville. I love thinking about the whole story and all the things that would change if that had been the case.

Track 5: Love Is The Most Powerful Magic

Albus Severus sings a doo wop-esque song all about how his dad is always saying that love is the most powerful magic. Can you hear what song I’m parodying?

Kickstarter Rewards!

There were two main rewards for the Kickstarter I did:

  1. A simple drawing

  2. A short song.

All the drawings and songs were made from the backers’ suggestions. I love how some of these songs came out.

I’ve split them into 3 categories: Good, OK and Bad. You can let me know if you think I’ve properly categorized them!


Request: A patronus that leaves a posthumous message.

Request: A song about a howler. Simple enough!

Request: A song for Tonks’ and Lupin’s son.

Request: A song for a holiday called Harry Potter Power Day.


Request: A song about the Marauders map.

Request: Write about the library at Hogwarts

Request: What does the Sorting Hat do the rest of the year?


Request: A song about how Hermione rules.

Request: Dumbledore is proud of a guy finishing a marathon.

Request: Um, whatever happened to Crookshanks?!

Request: The mystery of Aberforth and his goats


I got over 70 requests for drawings! They were at the $15 level. I made them so cheap because I am not very good at drawing! Haha.

If you can’t read the full title (or you’re confused about a drawing), try clicking on it and you should be able to see the original request that led to the drawing.