For the last year, ever since I first learned about CryptoPunks, I’ve been working on an NFT project that turns each of my 3500+ Song A Day songs into a one-of-a-kind crypto collectible.

At this year’s Devcon in Prauge, I released the first one: B-U-I-D-L

Illustration by  Meagan Durlak

Illustration by Meagan Durlak

I played this song on stage, along with the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, and then it was immediately tokenized. It was put up for sale and eventually sold for 2.2 eth.

The project is called Song A Day World (it’'ll live at songaday.world) and it’s launching in a few months (on or near Jan. 1st, when I hit 10 years of Song A Day) via Pixura’s new API. The basic idea will be familiar to anyone who’s played around with CryptoPunks: I’ve listed out each song’s attributes and tags, and they’ll serve as a guide to figuring out which songs are more rare than others. You can buy and sell the songs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Visually, Song A Day World is made up of illustrations.

Every illustration is completely unique. They are made up of 6 attributes: Time, Location, Mood, Topic, Instrument and Beard. These visual attributes correspond to the attributes of the song itself.

Each year of Song A Day will have these attributes rendered in a wide variety of styles by different illustrators.

Though I am about to complete my 10th year of writing a song every day, Song A Day World is going to launch with only year one available for collecting. Any money I raise from the sale of these initial Song A Day Collectibles will go straight into the further development of the site.

Screenshot 2018-10-26 14.38.33.png

Want to get access before we launch to the public? I’ll email you when we have something to show.